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So you’re all set up on Twitter, you are tweeting regularly and your following is slowly growing, but why is no one reading and interacting with your tweets?

This is a challenge for many Twitter users. Anyone can tweet but getting people to read and then interact with your tweets is more of a challenge. However, fear not, we are here to save the day with our ten reasons your tweets are not being read.

You Still have an Egg as your Avatar

(Yes, we’re starting with chapter 1, page 1, rule 1) When you join Twitter you are automatically given a coloured egg as your profile picture. The whole idea is that you are to change this image to either a picture of yourself or your business logo which will then mean people can recognise you or your business before they follow or engage with you. You’re supposed to do this first. Before you tweet. Before you follow anyone. Before you even think about your Twitter marketing strategy.

Many Twitter followers are put off by profiles that still contain the egg image and will not follow or interact with you in any way. Get rid of that egg head as soon as possible. I mean, come on. Unless you’ve literally just started your Twitter account you have zero excuses.

You don’t get Involved

Social media is a networking tool and an effective one at that. Just as with a real life networking event, if you don’t get involved or interact with others you will find it difficult to get any sort of traction. The same applies!

Ensure that you are joining in with conversations, replying to any mentions and hitting the like and RT button as often as possible and you will soon see the benefits.

The best way to do this when new to Twitter is to track hashtags (and general keywords). Look for a few relevant hashtags or keywords in your niche and search for them on Twitter. If you can find a few people asking questions or discussing a relevant keyword then save the search and keep an eye on it. When possible, reply to those people with a personal, quality response.

You’re Tweeting too much

Consistency is the key when it comes to social media and tweeting too much or too little will not help your cause. If you are tweeting too often, people will get sick of seeing you on their feed and quickly click on that unfollow button. Aim for between 1-5 tweets a day as an absolute maximum. On the other hand, if you only tweet once a month you can also expect to get very little engagement. Buffer have a great infographic showing how frequently you should post to each network. As with all these statistics, it all depends on your own account so you’ll always need to use a little trial-and-error.

You have not Completed your Bio

Twitter gives you room to insert a couple of sentences as a bio for you or your business so use this space wisely. An uncompleted bio does not help give a professional image of your business and more seasoned Twitter users will not engage as they prefer to know who you are and what you are offering. This information should all be present in your bio.

Not only can your bio let others know who you are but can also be a way to generate traffic. Just take a look at this bio from Rebekah Radice who knows her social media stuff:

Rebekah Radice

It’s simple, clear but also throws in a few mentions of her business ventures and a few hashtags too which can help bring in a little additional traffic. I mean, she does have over 70,000 followers so she must be doing something right?

Back in 2014, Neil Patel wrote a pretty good piece for Buffer about the 7 key ingredients for a great Twitter bio. It may be a little old and generally, the world of marketing is so fast-paced that 2014 is prehistoric, but for once it’s something from the past that’s spot on so go and take a read of it.

All your Tweets are Automated

There is nothing wrong with scheduling your tweets in advance using programs like Hootsuite and Buffer. They are great tools to ensure your tweets are going out at different times of the day and help you to push a blog post multiple times through the day. However, you do need to still tweet ‘live’. People aren’t stupid and can spot an automated tweet so getting the balance is vital.

Automatically tweeting about your latest blog post a few times is fine. Scheduling some retweets of content you recommend reading is also a good use of Buffer and co.

But you should also spend time tweeting live. Live tweets include responding to any @mentions, support queries and shares of your content. You need to show people that you do exist, and you do actually spend time networking on Twitter. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business and in this day-and-age, many people will turn to Twitter for support. There is no way to automate customer service so make sure you’re tweeting to each support query personally.

Your Tweets are of Little or No Value

Twitter is a great platform for you to be able to add value to others and show yourself as an expert in your industry. Give hints, tips and advice that will help others. Share content from your blog or website that teaches people how your service and products could be the answer to their needs. Often these tweets can be so much more helpful and receive much more traction that a simple tweet trying to gain new custom.

You don’t ask Questions

One of the best ways to get people to talk to you is to ask questions. The more engaging and interesting you can make your questions the better. Even questions like ‘how was your weekend?’ or ‘what new products would you like to see us launch?’ can create new conversations and who knows where they may lead to?

All you do is RT Others Tweets

There is nothing worse than following an account that is full of RT’s

People follow you because they want to hear from you, therefore, give the people what the people want. There is nothing wrong with RT’ing tweets that are helpful to you and others but make sure that is just part of your activity. Ensure that you tweet much more than you RT.

You Never use Images

Tweets that contain images or videos stand a higher chance of being read and interacted with more than those that don’t. According to Digital Information World, tweets with images see 18% more click throughs, 89% more likes and 150% more retweets. It’s a no-brainer basically!

Buffer, who already make scheduling super easy, also provide you with access to Pablo which is possibly the easiest way to create amazing looking images to share to social media. Just check this out for proof:

Pablo from Buffer

Over 50,000 images to choose from and endless quotes, facts and opinions you can share. They even allow you to share direct from the app and select the most appropriate image size depending on the social network you’re using.

Your Tweets are Boring

Do people really care what your favourite singer is having for breakfast? We don’t think so!
It may seem obvious but keep your tweets varied and interesting. Be as creative as you can and give people an insight into you or your business. The more interesting and varied you can be the more engagement you will receive and the more you will see your following grow.

These are our top 10 reasons why no one reads your tweets but we are sure there will be more. Have we missed any?

  • KrisOlin

    Thanks for a brilliant article Darren! I am amazed that there are still so many people with that egg logo on Twitter! The whole point is that you are an individual, …and not an egg shell! Hello? Also, I agree strongly on the negative vibe of using too many RT’s. Cheers!

    • Darren

      Thanks KrisOlin, really appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoyed the article.

  • HippoLogic

    I had a great laugh about the egg thing.I see this on a regular basis. The other thing is credibility. I see people who promise you to get you 1000 – 5000 followers and they have less than 20 themselves….

    • Darren

      Yeah, I see a few of those each week. Always reminds me of the SEO sales emails that come from a GMail account too!