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When it comes to promoting your latest blog post to your email list, you’d rarely consider pushing it to them more than once, right? In fact, even with most social media networks such as Facebook and Google+ you’d rarely promote the same blog post more than once during 24hrs.

But Twitter is different. 

With Twitter, it’s rare for people to go looking through their feeds for the past 24hrs to see if they’ve missed anything, even if Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline aims to combat this. Just look at how many tweets you’ve received on your own Twitter feed for the last hour. You’d never go scrolling through that lot to see if you missed a post from a blog you occasionally read.

Long Twitter Feed

That’s why it’s vital to share every blog post 4, 5 or even 6 times on the day you publish it. Spamming? Not really. The idea is to get more people’s eye onto your tweets about your blog post to ultimately get more people reading your blog. Even if you do choose to tweet about your blog post 6 times, if carefully scheduled across the day, the chances of one of your followers being ‘spammed’ 6 times is highly unlikely.

But how do you tweet about the same thing over and over again? Well here’s just 5 ideas on how you can repeat yourself without repeating yourself:

#1 Use Different Text

This is the most obvious way to tweet about the same content multiple times: Simply change the content of your tweets.

To see an example of this working well, just check out @Kissmetrics on Twitter. When pushing their ‘Measure what Matters’ guide they used a range of different text in their tweets to get their message across and push the download of their guide:

Using different text isn’t difficult. It’s just a case of changing a few adjectives, switching around the order or just coming up with a different headline for whatever you’re sharing. Chances are, when you were originally writing your blog post, you had a few different titles in mind? Perhaps your tweets are a great place to try them out and see what sort of engagement they achieve…

Another example of using different text to promote the same page comes from Innocent Drinks.

Same page promoted but targeting people in completely different ways. This just goes to show how simple it is to swap the text of a previous tweet to promote the same page over and over again without annoying anyone.

#2 Use Different Images

According to Twitter, tweets with photos actually receive over 300% more engagement than those without so as a general rule you ought to be including photos with nearly all your tweets. So when it comes to sharing your blog posts to Twitter, try to find 2 or 3 relevant photos which you can use to share your blog post multiple times. Just switch out the photo and reshare every few hours to ensure you grab the attention of different people.

#3 Use Quotes or Facts

Pulling quotes, facts or figures from your blog post is another sure-fire way to create multiple tweets for the same content. It’s as simple as going through your content to find a short yet interesting fact or a quote from an influencer and tweeting it in quotation marks with a link to your blog post. If quoting an influencer, don’t forget to throw a @mention into the tweet as well. You might as well ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

#4 Change your Hashtags

Not only will changing your hashtags make your tweets different but it will also enable you to reach new people who may keep an eye on different hashtags. The hardest part is choosing hashtags that each reach a different audience but this can be made easier with the help of tools such as Hashtagify. Just enter a keyword related to your blog post and dive deeper in to discover relevant keywords:

#5 @Mention Different Users

Mentioning users in your tweets means they’ll get notified that you’ve included them. Every time you tweet about your blog post, ensure you include a different username to increase the chance of your post getting shared by one of those users you are mentioning.

Sujan Patel did this really well when promoting a blog post that mentioned over 40 different entrepreneurs. In fact, mentioning so many in a blog post made it easy to use their Twitter usernames in the tweets as you can see in the two tweets he made below about the exact same post:

Same post. Same text. Different users mentioned. The result was one post receiving just 1 retweet and 1 like and the other receiving 4 retweets and 9 likes (at the time of publishing at least).

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you applying all 5 of the above changes to each tweet so that each tweet you make about the same blog post really is completely different. If you’ve got any of your own ideas for sharing the same blog post over and over again to Twitter, then do let us know by dropping a quick comment below.